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Church of God Winnipeg is a registered charity in Canada. Donations provide a charity receipt, sent out in the January – February period each year.

Donations can be made out & sent to:
Winnipeg Church of God
287 Tache Avenue,
PO Box 74
Winnipeg, MB R2H 3B8

(250) 488-3624 Alex Kennedy (BC)

(204) 475-1654 Eric Leader (MB)

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  1. Alex in your sermon of June 12th 2012 (Yes I know it is a long way back) you make the comment that Job was self righteous.
    Do you still feel that is the case. I know old WCG used to teach it.
    I am of the view that when reading verses 4 to 12 it shows that God was of the view that Job was a righteous man and blameless individual, would a self righteous man be given that place?. Also Satan had challenged God, Is it not possible that God was showing to Satan that he Satan could not win. and that it was Satan that was self righteous.

    1. Hi Andrew, I was just viewing the new website and I saw your comment to Alex.
      I agree with your views on that fact that God considered Job righteous but yet incomplete spiritually. The rest of the story (I firmly believe) raised Job to a Christian level by the trials he suffered during his time of testing. The last part of the book of Job demonstrates what God accomplished in his life. Notice that God told his 3 friends that they needed to go to Job and request that he should pray and burn offerings on their behalf because God was very displeased with them.

      Feel free to share and/or comment further.

      1. MARCH 20,2016 AT 6:00 PM

        It’s amazing how one can follow the accepted thought unless the need arises to examine that belief, as indeed it did for me following that sermon in 2012.
        Andrew and I discussed this one on the phone some time ago and I believe that Andrew, Bob and I are of similar mind.
        In Job 1:1 the Lord tells us that he was blameless and upright, fearing God and shunning evil. This is repeated by the Lord in verse 8. I believe that Job’s failings are made known, beginning in chapter 38 when the Lord asked him ” Who do you think you are” ? Job was not seeing the majesty of the Lord or the dangerous spiritual force that is in this world. Job 40:15 through Job 41. In chapter 42:5, we read that Job saw God and understood what God was teaching him.
        In chapter 42:7-9, the Lord chastised Job’s three friends but He did not do so with Elihu because he could see the majesty of the Lord.
        Job had answers for his three friends but he did not have one for Elihu.
        I believe that Job’s understanding was that of the tree of knowledge and that the Lord helped him to realize his need for the tree of life.

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