Feast of Tabernacles


Penticton, British Columbia

2017 will be the seventh year Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated in Penticton, British Columbia.  The previous seven have been a delight; a time of rejoicing with God’s people from many different organizations, worshiping one God as one family.

This years Feast of Tabernacles will be held at the Sandman Hotel, 939 Burnaby Avenue West Penticton, BC Canada  V2A 1G7  Tel # (250) 493-7151. Please mention when booking, that you are with the church of God, reference #298248

As usual, a number of rooms have been arranged for in the Golden Sands Resort, 1028 Lakeshore Drive W. Penticton, BC. V2A 1C1 Tel # (250)492-4210. Toll Free 1(877)389-6888

Penticton is a jewel, located in the wine and fruit growing area of B.C. surrounded by mountains and sandwiched between two large lakes, Okanagan to the north and Skaha to the south.  It is a beautiful setting for the feast.

There are many things to do in the area such as golfing, fishing, biking, shopping, walking the trails, rock climbing and of course, touring the vineyards.  There is also a wide variety of restaurants.  There will be planned activities, both indoor and out.

For more information, please contact Alex Kennedy at (250)488-3624, kennoman@icloud.com


3 thoughts on “Feast of Tabernacles”

  1. I’m interested in plans for the FoT 2017. Will it again be Penticton? Is there a reason why you travel so far for your site? I have been corresponding with Jim Patterson (Chicagoland)

    1. Plans are in motion to once again have it in Penticton. We financially support the feast site in Penticton but one can go to any feast site they desire Near or far.

  2. The Feasts of God are truly just a blessing. For so many years we missed the Feast mostly because of my excuses. Finally God and my wife of 25 years got through my thick skull. My brothers also had a role in encouraging me to trust that God would provide a way. Well God did, and it was wonderful. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for coming into my life and helping me grow by your strength,love and fellowship I am on my way down the narrow path with you and our God. Thank You from your brother.

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