Feast of Tabernacles

Another great feast has come and gone and thank you to every one who attended!  It is truly a blessing to be able to gather together in peace in such a way.  And God bless our brethren who attended other feast sites around the globe!  Feast site yet to be determined for the year 2018.  Please check back shortly!



3 thoughts on “Feast of Tabernacles”

  1. I’m interested in plans for the FoT 2017. Will it again be Penticton? Is there a reason why you travel so far for your site? I have been corresponding with Jim Patterson (Chicagoland)

    1. Plans are in motion to once again have it in Penticton. We financially support the feast site in Penticton but one can go to any feast site they desire Near or far.

  2. The Feasts of God are truly just a blessing. For so many years we missed the Feast mostly because of my excuses. Finally God and my wife of 25 years got through my thick skull. My brothers also had a role in encouraging me to trust that God would provide a way. Well God did, and it was wonderful. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for coming into my life and helping me grow by your strength,love and fellowship I am on my way down the narrow path with you and our God. Thank You from your brother.

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